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Your supplier for the safest Adult Play Wax with the most intense colours available.

**Please note that we do NOT work on weekends. We will process your order on the next business day**


We discovered wax play several years ago, and loved it. We tried numerous candles, from different sources, and none were quite what we wanted. So we researched, experimented, and started pouring our own. Before we knew it, people were asking where we got those brilliant candles. They expressed disappointment to find that we made our own, they then asked if they could buy some from us. A new branch of our business was formed and it has become our biggest seller.

Due to the fact that our candles are hand poured, not mass produced, a certain amount of air bubbles, scrapes and dents are normal. These candles are not meant to be placed on your mantle and oohed and ahhed over (but go for it, if that’s what makes you happy) they are designed to be destroyed. They are made-up of very low temperature paraffin wax, which also means they are very soft. Do not leave them in direct sunlight.

The melting point of our candles is between 120 and 125F (50 -52’C). We have added a hardening agent at our customers’ request, as our original product was too soft. Our UV Reactive Candles are best viewed under a UV (Black light) Bulb. Fluorescent or LED lights are the ONLY bulbs that produce UV lights. However, the colours are certainly pretty enough to use without it.

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